Two Street Day One 2012

mummers-second-attempt-25On New Years day some friends of ours who live in center city  host a pot luck at their house.  They live on 2nd street which is locally referred to as two street.  Two street is where the Mummers Parade ends.  The Mummers Parade is pure Philadelphia.  Most places people recover on New Years Day and try to face reality.  Philadelphia is different.   Mummers get up, put on their frocks, make up and costumes (which sometimes weigh as much as  50 lbs).  Then they start drinking  and march several miles till after dark. Complete with  brass bands, pounding drums,  truck mounted speaker systems and all manner of noisemakers, they dance and march with a boisterous  cacophony that is thrilling in its audacity. These guys party with the fierce determination of Samurai.

A little before sunset I wandered out into the street and took a few pictures, went back to our party then wandered out again after dark.  The pictures, without movement and the ear ringing soundtrack of the parade, show mute groupings of individuals frozen in place.  They capture  nothing of the swirling carnival atmosphere of the parade, but I like them anyway.

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