My Philadelphia

dsc3996Hunting Park Ave on the way to school.

There is something about this town that I love. I have traveled a lot and seen a lot, but when we came here it just clicked for me, I like it here.


Confronting the Museum.

  Of course it’s not all rosy.  The night before last, someone slipped into our yard and stole all of our bicycles.  Riding bicycles for family outings has been the discovery of the summer.  Set out on the bikes to a farmers market, the bike path along the Schuykill or a Wawa.   It doesn’t matter much the destination,  along the way we have some small adventures or meet someone new.   We were careless and now the bikes are gone.

Yesterday, we all felt a little out of sorts.   I convinced one of my daughters to go see the Visions of Arcadia show at the Philadelphia Museum.  I was blown away by the big Matisse bathers. It was like seeing the birth of the renaissance in a Giotto, this painting was was so fresh, so striking, so monumental.  It was painted in 1906 or 07, and expresses with paint what paint had not expressed before.  It is so original, the terms to describe this kind of painting, cubism, abstract expressionism, etc would come later. This is modern painting full blown, no baby steps, no false starts.  Hang this beside the Belles Dames des Avignon and the best of  DeKooning’s women.

Lifted up by the art endorphins, we found some bikes from the seventies and eighties advertised on Craigslist, made the trip to Lancaster County which was followed by a bike ride on a country road at sunset accompanied by the clip clop  of the horses of the Amish carriages.   This guy has a very effective built in sales pitch.   The bikes were old but well cared for.    Once the bikes are loaded we are only a few miles from Stoudts brewery.  If you go to Stoudts, the beer is good of course, but so is the small exhibit of early photographic nudes  in the mens room.