Roads of Fitou


In rural France people take care of their countryside.   As visitors we are struck by this beauty and tend to romanticize it.  This lovely landscape is not natural, it is human.   In and around the town of Paziols people have been tending this terroir for thousands of years.



The irrigation system in use today was built in 1100 AD. If we are just passing through we might not notice how much work is involved in creating and maintaining this “unspoiled” countryside.




The town of Paziols has no police force, but it does employ two men who take time every day to take care of the  village.





For me the roads nearby are best enjoyed on a bicycle, as walking can become tedious and cars zip past everything so fast.  By contrast, riding an old bicycle was dreamlike, the sounds of the wind and insects accompanied the steady progress through the landscape.  Of course until the bike broke down and I was walking.